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Travel Blog

Coffee Culture in Vietnam

14 Dec, 2016

Travelers coming to Vietnam are always craving for the strong taste of the famous Vietnamese coffee, like visiting Japan to experience tea culture. In Vietnam, coffee is more than a beverage; it’s ...

Top 10 Hotels in Bangkok

14 Dec, 2016

For decades, travelers have been visiting and being warmly welcomed into the City of Angels – Bangkok. It has developed and grown into the main hub for travelers in Asia, a place everyone wants to ...

Top Interesting Things To Do In Hoi An

14 Dec, 2016

Hoi An seems to favorite destination for tourists. Here are some interesting things to do in Hoi An to have a great journey.  1. Enjoy a cup of coffee in an open-air space  In the early ...

Mrauk U or Bagan?

13 Dec, 2016

If you want to travel to Asia to get lost in ancient cities, there’re very few countries that could be a better choice than Myanmar. With a rich history of several different powerful kingdoms, ...

Bangkok Street Food Experiences In List

13 Dec, 2016

From early mornings to the late nights, Bangkok street food experiences always bring you an unforgettable time both cuisine and Thai culture. Although many people come to Thailand for the sunny ...

6 Things To Do In Saigon Like Locals

13 Dec, 2016

Wandering to take photos, watching the whole haughty city from the height, etc... Here are things to do that make you be a local. 1. Enjoying street snacks In various choices of foods and ...

Top 7 Exotic Things To Do In Sihanoukville

12 Dec, 2016

The untouched beauty with white sandy beaches and slow rhythms of fishing villages blesses Sihanoukville as one of the best getaways in Cambodia. Note in your guidebook 7 exotic things to do in ...

Long Neck Tribe in Myanmar

09 Dec, 2016

Today, I would like to tell you all the story of the long neck Padaung women in Myanmar. For those who have traveled to Inle and witness these women, this story is not very weird and strange. Once ...

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