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Top 5 Best Luxury Hotels In Luang Prabang, Laos

Luang Prabang, the charming former capital, is always the first choice when you visiting Laos. “The life history of an individual is first and foremost an accommodation to the patterns and standards traditionally handed down in his community”, said Rute Benedict. Aware of this importance of staying on each journey, our travel experts at Exotic Voyages recommend 5 best luxury hotels in Luang Prabang for you to consider for your trip.

1.    Amantaka – Heaven of relaxation to Laos

Amantaka in Luang Prabang, the latest luxury hotel from the highly-respected Aman group, is well known for its combination of contemporary Asian style in this restful location. Amantaka is combined from “aman” (means peaceful) and “taka” (means the teaching of Buddha). As its name, it is one of the most peaceful and bewitching places to stay and relax in.

From Amantaka, you find it easy to access to the night market, the picturesque banks of the Mekong River and the former Royal Palace nearby. Not only to stay is it the best place to know more about the Laos traditional architecture that symbolizes the main Amantaka’s style in Luang Prabang.

Top Hotels in Luangprabang

24 suites with spacious equipment inside and picturesque surroundings are expected to satisfy all your tastes. If you are in a hurry, take some days to lay under the loungers and umbrellas covered by the mango trees, read books and take back the leisure time. One feature that Amantaka always considers to develop is children’s playing grounds. Waterfalls, swimming pools, elephant camp, night markets, and dance shows, all are made to pamper children. Pretty much anywhere, Amantaka is surely the first choice for families!

Top Hotels in Luangprabang

2.    Belmond La Residence Phou Vao –  Perfect for Luang Prabang Escape

The luxury hotel is known for its wonderful French-influenced local cuisine and open-air beside a water lily pool. Placed atop a hill with stunning mountain views, the picturesque valley below and out towards the distant mountains, this tranquil atmosphere offers the best for your relaxation. The hotel’s suites are elegantly furnished with local style and materials. The old Luang Prabang, majestic Phousy Temple amidst the lush palm and coconut trees are converged in your eyes. You definitely fall in love with La Residence Phou Vao thanks to its swimming pool, where freshwater stops on the cliff edge, overlooking the palm-filled valley.

Top 5 hotels in luangprabang

La Residence Phou Vao also affords personal cooking classes within a pretty garden, where visitors can pick up the organic herbs and vegetables. You know how to choose ingredients to fit for each dish, how to cook it, how to decorate the meal to make it eye-catching.

Top 5 hotels in luangprabang

The traditional Laotian food, not only to enjoy and learn, it is also pregnant with the Laos culture - a distinctive feature that everyone desire to gain from a journey. Of course, enjoy your own dishes in the garden surrounded by 500 sparkling candles and melodious traditional Laotian music. You are completely immersed in the unique atmosphere in one of the luxury hotels in Luang Prabang!

La residence Phou Vao-luang prabang-laos

3.    Villa Maly Luang Prabang – Little boutique hotel

An opulent hotel suite also creates a good time in your voyage. Take some days to relax on Villa Maly Luang Prabang and get the tranquil breath from the simple life. You are taken bygone area when in Villa Maly.

Top 5 hotels in Luangprabang

The 33 guest rooms and suites occupy 5 low-rise buildings with fully-equipped modern amenities, bright colours as well as textiles. You are for a special treat in Le Vetiver Café amidst tranquil garden in Villa Maly. Sitting on the warm rosewood furnishings, enjoying Lao BBQ, seafood, local cuisines with a cocktail or wine, you yourself take back in peaceful time. Beauty spa, massage treatment and never-set-menu evoke your satisfaction and senses.

From here, embark on a cruise to enjoy the splendid sunsets on the Mekong River and dine over the tranquil waterways. You are absolutely soaked in deep emotion and magic during your Laos luxury travel!

Villa Maly Luang Prabang-laos

4.    Maison Souvannaphoum – The Luxury Accommodation

All journeys have secret destinations and accommodations of which the visitors are unaware. Here in Luang Prabang, experience both Laotian and French design in the former residence of a prince, Maison Souvannaphoum Hotel and discover this secret accommodation! Watch the sunlight trickles from your own private balcony with the latest furniture and amenities and enjoy the French, Laos and Chinese cuisines in the delightful garden.

Top hotels in Luangprabang

Feel the pull of leisure time when relaxing massage treatment at Angsana Spa. All the flawless service, beautiful setting and exclusive style keep you to stay here longer and longer.

Maison Souvannaphoum-laos

5.    Luang Prabang Paradise Resort

People say that if you want both relax and rejuvenate, Luang Prabang Paradise Resort is the best choice among the best luxury hotels in Luang Prabang! Why?

Biking is waiting for you who are looking for exploring the surroundings of Paradise Resort. It is not only the good way to fit for your health but also a chance to observer Paradise Resort from another perspective. Like other hotels in Luang Prabang, its style and design are influenced by an alluring fusion of Laotian and French architecture. Both of them make a well-combination for a charming Paradise Resort.

Luang Prabang Paradise resort-laos

Besides the world-class level of service, another important element that comes into consideration when visitors choose Paradise Resort is their guarantee to the environment. Paradise Resort highly appreciates the so-called “Responsible Tourism”. Thus, a smoking area is created for those who can’t give up smoking, where they can both meet all your need of smoking and protect the “green” environment.

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