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Top 4 Attractive Cafés In Hue

Hue attracts tourists not only by the delicious food, beautiful scenery but also attractive cafés. Below are  top 4  unique cafés if you have a hue city tour.

Coffee Cookie 

Takeaway coffee has been very popular for a long time as it has met the needs of many people in the modern life. Coffee Cookie cafe Hue is a one so. Located on Ho Dac Di Street, this café impresses many people with its wide facade and modern style. However, when stepping inside, it is not simple to buy takeaway coffee.

The impressive wall in Coffee Cookie

The impressive wall in Coffee Cookie

The decoration style of Coffee Cookie is inspired by the dynamic living rhythm. Moreover, the furniture here is entirely made from wood, which creates a feeling of closeness. With the warm colors, this café Hue gives you a warmer feeling when entering. You can sit opposite the window to watch the streets or select more hidden corners beside walls decorated fussily. The menu here is also noteworthy. Drinks arenot only sophisticated but also decorated in an unusual and eye-catching style. There are enough different types to meet the diverse needs of customers such as Italian coffee, fruit cocktail, and soda.

Musik Lounge 

A cafe Hue has a large space to date. That's something to say about Musik Lounge – a café has a unique style in the ancient capital.

Musik Lounge has two separate spaces: indoor and outdoor. If in the indoor space, there are cozy sofas and pretty small pillows, it brings a different feeling in the outdoor space. You can sip a glass of juice under the dome skillful trimmed trees. If you prefer to a modern atmosphere, you can come to the table to be placed under the lovely umbrella. However, having the attractive decoration style is not enough. This cafe services plenty of delicious drinks for customers such as yogurt, ice cream frappes, tea, and snacks. If you are lucky, you also have the opportunity to meet and interact with many famous singers like Hien Thuc and Le Hieu. Then call yourself a glass of forest strawberry or green aloe verafrappe and immerse in the attractive music space.


Also known as miniature Paris in the heart of Hue, the café called the French capital is the favorite place of many people.

Situated in a prime location and near Trang Tien Bridge and the Perfume River, this place is decorated in the ancient and gentle style. Anyone who used to come to Paris can recognize this café like a French-style mansion. Thus, each exquisite line of the house contributes significantly to the attractiveness of the café. Additionally, the owner cleverly arranged the furniture to show off the rusticity and peacefulness. Paris is the perfect place for those who love ancient features and quietness. If you feel sorrowful, you can go to this place and choose the corner to sit beside small windows. Listen to the gentle music, you will find a little disengagement for the soul.

Greatio Corner 

Gratio Corner is located on Truong Chinh Street, Hue

Gratio Corner is located on Truong Chinh Street, Hue.

Unlike the old serenity of Paris, Greatio Corner is the space of the young. It is designed for active young people in the ancient capital. You can find these cute little things like dial clocks, pretty and charming little flowers, colorful pillows and especially lovely cherry flowers. It is good for taking a photograph.


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