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That Tich Festival

The herdsman – Nguu Lang who had a remarkable talent in fluting and the most beautiful goddess – Chuc Nu who was responsible for sewing and embroidering, they fell in love with each other. Deep into romance, they were negligence to their works, Nguu Lang didn’t take care of the Jade Emperor’s herd, one day the cows run toward to the Jade Emperor’s palace, and destroyed the whole palace. The Jade Emperor was so angry so he decided this couple had to be separated forever. Nguu Lang and Chuc Nu had to stay in 2 different sides of The Milky Way. So that they only could see each other shadows. This was the most painful punishment for them. They were very upset and spent a whole day just for sitting next to the river and looked after each other shadow.

Photo: tinhhoa.net

Deploring for them, the Jade Emperor decided to let they meet each other once time per year on the 7th day of 7th month. He ordered thousands of black ravens to create bridge called O Thuoc Bridge to bring them together. So that Nguu Lang and Chuc Nu could step on ravens and meet each other in the middle of the bridge. Every time, they met they cried a lot. They felt sorry for the time they couldn’t be together and what they did wrong. They wished they were working hard so they could keep their happiness. People believe light rain through July is their teardrops. In Vietnam, we call it “Ngau rain” From now on, people celebrate the day Nguu Lang and Chuc Nu met each other and it is a blessing for couples a long and endless happiness. The story comes from the fact that there are 2 stars names: Altair and vega always come closer together only 1 day per year. If today, you look up the sky and see 2 twinkle stars joining together and sparkling, let’s smile for Nguu Lang and Chuc Nu. Because only today, they can meet each other, tomorrow, they will be separated for 1 year long.

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