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Thailand Itinerary for Beach Lover

You have heard about the numberless exotic beaches in Thailand but have only a 10-day vacation? Don’t worry, you still can get a good taste of this country islands in such that short amount of time. The key here is choosing either the north or the south Thailand beaches. Too greedy for all of the famous destinations might make you exhausted than relaxed. Below, you will find an itinerary that is special for beach lovers. You will start at Bangkok (Of course, who don’t like Bangkok?), experience around this bustling hub, play with the elephants and yes, spend your rest of time for swimming, sunbathing as well as other beach activities.


If you’ve flown halfway around the world to Bangkok, take it easy the first day. Rest on your hotel, get to know the neighborhood, and enjoy some amazing Thai food from many vendors on the streets.  

Thailand Itinerary

Tom Yum Goong, one of Thai amazing dishes 


Get ready to explore the capital of Thailand. You can choose between amazing architectures of Grand Place or Wat Pho for its golden reclining Buddha statue. Take part in art workshops, explore the local community, or shop at floating markets. In the evening, you can have dinner on a boat cruising down Chao Phraya River then sip a cocktail at one of an ultimate list of rooftop bars in Bangkok.  

Thailand Itinerary

Spend your time to visit Wat Pho. It is also known as the birthplace of traditional Thai massage which is still taught and practiced at the temple

Other highlight destinations and activities:

- Visit night markets: Night markets in Bangkok offer a huge array of snack and good to keep everyone happy. You can visit Rot Fai Market Srinakarin, J Green, or Asiatique. They are all interesting.

- Enjoy the street food as much as possible: You will find on any street plenty of food stalls where you can grab a snack to go.

- Tour around Bangkok on a tuk-tuk: Tuk-tuk is a must-do experience in Bangkok.

- Watch a puppet show: The Bangkok Traditional Puppet Show is one of Bangkok’s must-see attractions. Three puppeteers dressed in black control each puppet. They dance with the puppets and tell folktales from the Ramakien epic through the classic art of puppetry. You can watch a show at The Aksra Theatre or Joe Louis Puppet Theatre

- Shop at Chatuchak market: Being the largest market in Asia, Chatuchak is home to more than 8,000 stalls. It hosts around 200,000 visitors at every weekend.

- Visit the Bangkok National Museum: The museum first opened in 1874 by King Rama V and it is the largest museum in Southeast Asia. It features exhibits of Thai art and history.

- Enjoy the Bangkok nightlife at one of many bar clubs in Bangkok

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Drive to the Damnoen Saduak floating market, rowing boat yourself and make your way through the small canals Disembarking at Nam Tok, drive to ‘Hellfire Pass’ where the prisoners of war dug through a mountain by their bare hands.

The Hellfire Pass is the name of a railway cutting on the former Burma Railway in Thailand. It was built with forced labor during the Second World War, mostly by Allied prisoners

The Hellfire Pass is the name of a railway cutting on the former Burma Railway in Thailand. It was built with forced labor during the Second World War, mostly by Allied prisoners (The prisoners were working on the railway in 1954 - above picture)


It seems that most people won’t leave Thailand without seeing the elephant. Today you will visit Elephants World Sanctuary - a retirement community of these gentle giants - to help bathe them in a river, make food for them and feed them. Enjoy a ride on Thai elephant into the bamboo forest and visit the Mon Village.

Other highlight destinations and activities:

- Visit the Kanchanaburi War Cemetery where buried thousands of allied soldiers.

- Hike Erawan Falls National Park to see 7-layers waterfall with pools where you can splash around in.

- Bird watching: The ecology at Kanchanaburi is suitable for bird’s habitat. You can watch the bird at Khao Namphu Wildlife Conservation Promotion and Development Station, Thung Yai Naresuan Wildlife Sanctuary and around Kroeng Krawia Swamp near Kroeng Krawia Waterfall.

- Bamboo rafting: With 5 national parks and wildlife sanctuaries, white rafting is the highlight activities in this region.

- Fishing: Kanchanaburi offers numerous spots for fishing on the Kwai river.

The magical blue water at Erawan Waterfall

Thailand Itinerary


Take a morning flight from Bangkok to Krabi (about 1h10min). Once you arrive at the Krabi Airport, head to Ao Thalane - a small fishing village in the heart of Krabi for a leisurely tour in a kayak and explore the mangrove forest, scenery, and wildlife  

Time to relax on the beautiful Krabi beach


Free leisure to enjoy the turquoise water beach and hotel facilities.  

Thailand Itinerary

Time to relax on the beautiful Krabi beach

Other highlight destinations and activities:

- If you want more adventure, take a taxi to Ao Nang, then board a boat to West Railay Beach. This region is known for rock climbing. For your safety, it’s recommended to hire a guide to lead you. Read more: Things to do in Krabi for couple


Be transferred to Phi Phi Islands from Krabi. Known as “the place where The Beach was filmed”, this group of six islands is exceptionally beautiful and really a “must-see”. You have the rest of the day to swim and relax.  

Phi Phi is one of the most beautiful islands of Southeast Asia

Phi Phi is one of the most beautiful islands of Southeast Asia


Phi Phi is the most iconic tourist destination in Thailand, so you need more than a day to discover it. With perfect turquoise water and oceanside cliffs, this island is a superb place for various water activities such as snorkeling, diving, and kayaking. 

Other highlight destinations and activities:

- Take a speedboat tour of islands: Phi Phi includes 6 islands with tropical beaches, stunning rock formation, turquoise waters, and colorful marine life. Make sure your speedboat gets through the two main islands are Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Leh.

- Snorkel off Mosquito Island: Mosquito Island has long been a favorite for scuba divers to see the pristine coral reefs. - Relax, bathe, and have lunch on Bamboo Island, known for its white beaches  

- See the monkeys at Monkey Bay: The hidden Monkey Bay is home to fearless monkeys who do not hesitate to climb onto the legs of their visitors in search of a banana.

- Water sports: snorkeling, scuba diving, Jet boats/Speedboats

Thailand Itinerary


After breakfast, you will return to Koh Phi Phi to catch the morning ferry that departs the island to Krabi (in 1.5 hours). Then you have to take a 4-hour bus from Krabi to Surat Thani before finally board another 3.5-hour ferry to Koh Phangan. Relax in your hotel after a long day of travel.


Spend the day to explore Koh Phangan. Take a taxi or hire a motorbike to discover the waterfalls. There are about 7 different waterfalls in Koh Phangan, all relatively close to the main towns. In the afternoon, you can watch one of the best sunsets in Thailand and get ready to take part in party meccas on the beaches.  

Thailand Itinerary


Free at leisure to enjoy the beach and hotel facilities. Don’t forget to take an hour-long traditional Thai massage to pamper your body.

Other highlight destinations and activities:

- Sample food in the Night Market: Pantip night market open every evening and sell all kind of delicious Thai food, Western food, fruit, and drink.

- Go Diving: with hard corals and a wide range of tropical fish and reefs, Koh Phangan is perfect for both beginners and skilled divers.  

Set off on a boat trip to discover the island

- Take a Cooking Class. Here are some famous name for your consideration: Same Same in Haad Rin, C&M Study Center, and the Jang’s Thai cooking school

- Go Trekking to the tallest mountain in Khao Ra or Phaeng Waterfall National Park

Thailand Itinerary

Explore the underwater life in Koh Phangan


Travel back to Bangkok for flight onward your home.


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