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12 Apr, 2023 | Just Luxe
"All of our extraordinary journeys memorable and perfectly executed, Exotic Voyages truly knows how to treat first class travelers and is one of the few luxury travel companies that you can trust will deliver with private and customized tours to destinations in Asia."

Hard to believe through most of its history, the country known as Thailand was called Siam less than 100 years ago.

After its reform in 1939, this wondrous Southeast Asian “Land of the Free” nation is a huge source of pride for its Thai people and is brimming with bucket-list-worthy experiences.  Traveling for work as a TV Host for my show “Travel Time with Linda” I see many beautiful places, but Thailand is one I wish to experience over and over again on replay. From mind-blowing tropical beaches, opulent royal palaces, ancient ruins and ornate temples displaying figures of Buddha, to soothing traditional Thai massage therapies, there is no shortage of magical fabulosity to encounter.

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