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Ly Son Island, Binh Ba Island and Nam Du Island (Part 2)

Three of the tourist islands that were most mentioned by young people in 2014 in Vietnam include Ly Son Island, Binh Ba Island and Nam Du Island. Nam Du - The island becomes attracted In spite of starting to welcome tourists from many years ago, until late 2013, early 2014 Nam Du becomes "boisterous" and is one of the top choices in the tours in the form of the sea. Nam Du is the most remote island in Kien Hai District (Kien Giang), 83km from Rach Gia sea. Nam Du has a total of 21 islands, the people here have built up quite a story on to introduce this land. Starting from Kien Giang, you can catch a train for more than two hours to watch the Big Island, and then rent a motorbike for the lighthouse for a panoramic view of Nam Du unfolding before your eyes. The unique characteristic of Nam Du is that there are the white sand beaches, clear blue sea, and black rocks sparkling like jewels. The colorful coral reefs and fish around Hon Ong are also indispensable destinations. The water is clear and clean that you only need a diving goggle and a snorkel and can easily see a completely different world under the sea. A special feature is that the price of Nam Du tourism services, as well as hotels, is very cheap. Before going to this place, it's best to learn and to contact their local communities to prepare reception. People in Nam Du are very genial and hospitable. They are also conscious of environmental protection. That is why Nam Du remains its unspoiled beauty from past to present. So if you are someone who likes to explore, and finds a quiet space, the Nam Du is not a bad choice.


Nam Du Island

  Ly Son Island, formerly known as Re Isle of Quang Ngai province located on the northeast, 15 nautical miles from the mainland. Ly Son Island is a tourist destination suitable for this type of resort with a unique natural landscape, 5 prominent mountains in the middle of a vast ocean and a  blue sky. There are the forests on tops of the mountains, buildings roads and fields near their feet.


Ly Son is also known for the fields of garlic and green onions planted along the coast.

Go to Ly Son, you also have the opportunity to admire and visit many famous scenic spots such as Chinh stream, Hang Temple, Gieng Tien Mount and beautiful beaches. In addition, it also has many traditional festivals held regularly in the Lunar New Year, always attracted the attention of visitors and the study of history - culture. Especially the cliffs, stone bridges, and garlic and onion fields are also characteristics only to find in Ly Son island.


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