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Go To Bat Xat To Discover Muong Hum Market

Lying in the small valley, Muong Hum Market is adjacent to the stream with clear water and surrounded by mountains which seem to touch the sky. The market on the weekend is where to meet, exchange, purchase and play for the ethnic people of Ha Nhi, Mong, Hoa, Giay, Red Dao, Dao Tuyen, Han ...

From Lao Cai town, your car has to move about 20 km of the asphalt road to Bat Xat District, and more 24 km of the pass road to Muong Hum Market.

Within a few hours, the secluded valley of Muong Hum, Lao Cai, becomes a bustling place and a convergence of cultures and cuisine of ethnic minorities.


Muong Hum Market is taken place on Sunday, the busiest day of Bat Xat.

When does Muong Hum Market open and close?

Muong Hum Market is taken place on Sunday, from 7am to 1pm.

What to see on Muong Hum Market?

On  the market, Thai girls in pink and green dresses huddle around handmade silver jewelry shops. In the other corner, Hmong girls in orange and blue dresses throng pomegranates.

Bamboo is presented on banana leaves while Ha Nhi healers explain the use of the plant powders that they gleaned from the forest. Going into the market, a group of children is eating bowls of noodle soups. Noodles are still very fresh because they are cut for just a few hours earlier.

Discover Muong Hum Market

A Ha Nhi ethnic woman with dark clothes indigo and blue embroidery patterns is selling wool.

There is an interesting thing that  the money is withdrawn from odd places like the bottom pants or in the pile of dried beans. In this market, people purchase actively.

For ethnic minorities  in the northwest of Vietnam, going to the market is not only for the sale. The market is a place to relax and date for many young men and women. People come here to see and to be admired by others. The young women dress beautifully. The Dao girls wear red pinners. Dai Nhi ethnic girls wear long black dresses embroidered  blue patterns while Hmong girls take a day to string plastic beads to wrap their heads like crowns.

When the market is going to close, you see Hmong woman walking horses to bring their husbands drinking excessively back their houses and children who have never gone to school to learn foreign languages speak English fluently.

What to do on Muong Hum Market?

If you have a restaurant in Muong Hum, you will have a chance to enjoy horse meat sauteed with onions, pig intestine served with mint leaves, and Lao Cai alcohol or beer.

Below are some outstanding images about Muong Hum Market:

The market is also an occasion where people meet and chat - Muong Hum Market

The market is also an occasion where people meet and chat.

Mobiles are not strange to ethnic communities - Muong Hum Market

Mobiles are not strange to ethnic communities.


The children are led by parents to buy new clothes.


After the market, people are happy when bringing shopping back home.


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