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Enjoy A Sweet Honeymoon In Myanmar

Honeymoon is a holiday that marks the first steps in the way the couples living together officially after weddings, and surely that everyone wants to have a perfect honeymoon. Enjoying the honeymoon in a strange place and discovering new things will make both the bride and the groom understand each other better and have the same memorable experience. Myanmar (Burma) is the sacred land of Buddhism with many beautiful natural landscapes. Having a Myanmar trip is very ideal for newly married couples.

Cultural in Myanmar Honeymoon Trip

Couples who want to explore religious and Buddhist culture, the first destination in their Honeymoon Trip should be Shwedagon Golden Temple.

Yangon Shwedagon Pagoda

Shwedagon pagoda – a sacred symbol of Myanmar

Shwedagon Golden Temple (Yangon) is more than 2,500 years old. The center tower is 98m high with many smaller ones around. The tower exhibits many sacred treasures of Buddhism.

bagan - myanmar

Bagan – the land of temples and pagodas. Taking a Myanmar luxury honeymoon tour by Balloons is an interesting experience.

In Bagan, there are more than 2,000 Buddhist works, and it is undeniable that the scene above the temples is very romantic, especially in the sunrise. The best way for couples to experience Bagan is to spend time immersing in the peaceful atmosphere here and do not forget to sign up for a sightseeing tour by balloon.

Another place that couples can visit on their honeymoon tour is Shwezigon Golden Temple (Bagan), built in the 12th century and has magnificent temples structures like Shwedagon temple. The temple is located in Bagan (the capital of the ancient kingdom Pagan) and the Myanmar's second largest golden pagoda, just behind the Shwedagon Golden Temple.


Shwezigon – The second largest golden temple in Myanmar

Romantic Nights On Inle Lake Waves

After visiting the historical Buddhist relics, there is nothing better for the couples than enjoying Honeymoon trip in Inle Lake. The view on the beautiful lake of this country can make anyone who comes here obsessed. Under the purple-red sunset is a vast lake, with sparkling nets, rowing figures in the blue sky. The scenery is like a painting. Intha people live in Inle Lake as subsistence, only a small portion bases on tourism for a living. All activities are taking place on the quiet lake.


Inle Lake, an ideal destination for newly married couples

Inle Lake (the second largest freshwater lake in Myanmar) has the surface area of approximately 250km2. The only mean to explore Inle Lake is motorboat (about 15-20 USD / boat / day for 4-5 people). Weather in Inle is cooler and a little chilly at night; therefore, you should bring a warm jacket to avoid the cold.


Inle Princess Resort- one of the perfect accommodations for couples

In addition to the hotels, guesthouses, in Nyaungshwe village, there are several motels that cost about 10-20 USD /room/night. In the Inle Lake, some resorts are also available at the cost of $ 45 USD /room/night.


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