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Discovering Wild Beaches of Myanmar

Myanmar - the country of golden temples, not only attracts visitors with grandiose temples but also have the places for those who love to explore the wild beauty of nature. The wild landscape of sandy beaches stretching in Myanmar certainly will bring tourists many unforgettable experiences, especially taking a Myanmar boat tours. As a country with 2,000 kilometers of coastline, Myanmar is considered to have great promise in the development of tourism and resort. Although Myanmar is not developed, it is said to be an attractive destination for the tourists with beautiful beaches.

With a long coastline, Myanmar has many beautiful beaches

The most beautiful wild beaches of Myanmar, in the judgment of those who have come here, are along the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea. They are not only the white sandy beach stretches, green trees, blue sea, but also the clean and deserted beaches, face the west and promise to be the best of Myanmar’s places to see the sunset.

Ngapali Beach

The beach mentioned most frequently is Ngapali which is a 45 minute fly from Yangon. This beach is highly evaluated, and suitable for summer holidays tour with long with sandy beach, the lines of coconut tree planted along the seacoast.

life in beach

The beautiful Ngapali beach

Stretching more than 7km of seacoast surrounded by the palm trees, Ngapali is one of the most tourist attractions when they travel to Myanmar. Apart from swimming, walking or discovering the natural scenery, tourists also have opportunities to immerse themselves into the local life space when visiting the small fishing villages and the unique markets here. The best time to visit this place is during the period from October to May. Ngapali can be reached by plane about 45 minutes from Yangon, by car about 14 hours along the Rakhine Yoma mountain range. The seafood is various and delicious - lobster, crab, kinds of pelagic fish. In the early morning, you can see the fishermen from the sea with nets which are full of fish and shrimp.

Ngwe Saung Beach

Another beautiful beach in Myanmar is Ngwe Saung. It has not been known by many people, so Ngwe Saung is still wild, suitable for those who prefer leisure, rest in quietness and peace. This beach is also known as Asia's longest beaches and people here usually call it the Silver Beach for its sparkling beauty and abundant marine resources it brings. Taking a Myanmar boat tour on this wild sea is an unforgettable experience. To arrive here, you need to travel by road and it takes about 5 hours from Yangon. Visitors can also experience the scuba diving to watch the corals, rent a horse cart or a motorbike to explore this 15 km coastline or take a Myanmar boat tour to enjoy the beauty of the sandy beach and blue water.  The seafood here is very diverse and you will see the fishermen returning with fresh fish, shrimp or crab if you go to the beach in the morning.

Chuang Tha Beach

Located closely to Yangon, about 5 hours travelling by bus, Chuang Tha is the preferred destination of the middle-class families in Yangon. Chuang Tha Beach is not as beautiful as Ngapali or Ngwe Saung Beach. The sand here is not white, and the front of the beach is a row of hotels. However, this beach is very famous with local people and especially crowded on weekends and holidays because the local and the surrounding area people enjoy splashing, sunbathing and lounging on the beach. A special thing is that the people here are quite discreet, so you shouldn’t be surprised if people sunbathe but wearing clothing... If you do not like crowds, you can rent a boat and explore the small islands nearby. If you want to watch brilliant tropical fish, you have to bring your wetsuits because they are not available here.

Kanthaya Beach

If you really want to leave the development, you should go to Kanthaya - a pristine beach, and very few people know about it. There are no shops, no sports games in the water, but perhaps that is the most attractive point of Kanthaya. You could not book the hotel before coming, but it is sure that you will find the accommodation on arrival.

Kanthaya beach

Kanthaya Beach is wild and solitary

The beach is about 4-5 km, the water is shallow. Unlike Ngapali, which is 100km far from Kanthaya to the North, the sand in Kanthaya is yellow and a bit rough.

Myanmar Sea Travel Notes

- The most important thing to remember is that the resorts on the seacoast in Myanmar are closed during the rainy season, from May to October. - The best time to go here is from December to April – in the spring, the sea water is warm. - The beach is a great place to participate in a water festival in April. - The popular clothes in Myanmar beaches are jeans and T-shirts. The Burmese can wear jeans when swimming. They can also wear shorts, pyjamas, but definitely not bikinis - Myanmar also has a lot of potentials to become an attractive surfing spot. The waves are not too strong; therefore, they are suitable for beginners. And for those who like strong waves, the most appropriate time is the rainy season (May and June).


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