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When Is The Best Time To Visit Vietnam?

Vietnam has tropical monsoon climate and four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. Each season is the different beauty of Vietnam. However, if you want to see the diversity of natural scenery, breathe in the freshness of nature, November, December, January, and February are the best time to visit Vietnam. Let’s explore the hidden beauty of Vietnam through different places below to enjoy wonderful Vietnam.


Ha Giang - Season of Triangular Circuit Flowers

The Hmong people in Sung La, Ha Giang plant triangular circuit and cabbage flowers on the highlands, corn and paddy plat lands in the bottom of the valley. Mixing with the green of corn and paddy is the lilac of the triangle circuit flowers, the yellow of the sunlight and the dark green of range of ‘Sa Mộc’ trees imposing in the sky. The field of flowers makes harsh and cold natural scenery turn into a wonderful picture. 300km away from Hanoi, Ha Giang is fascinating with popular destinations such as Yen Minh, Dong Van, Meo Vac, Lung Cu, Ma Pi Leng mountain pass, etc...

Moc Chau  - Season of Wild Sunflowers

In winter, the frosty valley is beautified by flowers on the roads. Brilliant orange wild sunflowers look like as a greeting gate along the roadside to the town. Besides, red poinsettia flowers bloom brilliantly and looming behind the roofs are persimmons heavy with fruit. However, the most beautiful thing is the carpet of white wild cabbage flowers with heaving on the hillsides.



Lam Dong - B'Lao mountain town (Bao Loc)

Sweeping along National Highway No.60 from Da Lat to Bao Loc, you will encounter numerous coffee tree gardens with purplish-red coffee beans waiting for being picked. Coffee harvest season also coincides with the shedding leaves season of rubber trees. The sky in Bao Loc is very deep blue and it is windy. Through Bao Loc, do not forget to go tens kilometers to visit Damri Waterfall noisy days and nights.

If Da Lat is familiar with visitors to enjoy a little chilly in the winter, in the mountain town of B'Lao (another name of Bao Loc City) is a novel and interesting destination. Dambri waterfall echoes throughout mountains and forest, Cat stream is gentle and charming, Bao Loc mountain pass is rolling with mountains, The Bat Nha monastery is peaceful and tranquil, The Dang Dung temple is outstanding with unique architecture of Cháu Mà people, green pine forests are innumerable and extensive, hills of wild sunflowers are brilliant yellow throughout mountains,... and simply a mountain town is small, pretty and simple but when visiting and leaving, visitors will feel attached and unforgettable.



Hoi An Ancient Town

At the end of the year, Hoi An is shimmered with the lanterns. Numerous tourists visit Hoi An to welcome the New Year. The ancient town is quiet and gentle in the daytime but jubilant and bustling at night. The best way to enjoy Hoi An is a cycling trip visiting every corner of the city or along the Thu Bon river to Cua Dai beach in the warm sunshine.



Ice and snow of Mau Son 

Mau Son Mountain located in Lang Son province in northern Vietnam attracts tourists by the beauty of ice and snow. On the days in January, when the temperature is low, Mau Son is really attractive. Lang Son city also attracts tourists by numerous wholesale markets with all kinds of goods such as Dong Kinh, Dong Dang, and Ky Lua.


Mau Son

Da Lat (Lam Dong)

Da Lat is the most beautiful in the flower season. Coming to Da Lat in January, nature lovers will have the opportunity to live on the best days in the city of thousand flowers. Hundreds of flowers and thousands of colors gather to bloom in highlands in chilly spring. The coldness of Da Lat is very sweet and gentle, which is completely different from the numbness coldness in the same moment in the North. Flowers bloom along the walkway, roadsides, on the fence, and the most adorable thing is cherry heaven. You do not forget to visit Đà Lạt market,  stop three-step staircase and taste the fascinating and warm foods of the valley, and also do not forget to visit Đà Lạt XQ Historical Village, a unique destination not be omitted in the exploration of Đà Lạt

(source: Bigboy Photography, flickr.com)


Sapa (Lao Cai) 

From February to the end of March, peach and plum blossoms bloom jubilantly, which makes natural scenery in the northwest mountain region, especially in the two towns, Sapa and Moc Chau. From Hanoi to Sapa, visitors can choose to travel by bed coach or train. It takes a night to Sapa. The weather is usually less than 10 degrees Celcius and occasionally rainy seasons, so visitors are advised to wear warm clothes and always carry an umbrella. This is the most beautiful time of the year in Sapa, dusky scene is in the curtain of fog. Peach blossoms loom with colorful skirts of Meo girls captivate many travelers. The market on Sunday in Bac Ha has many brilliant colors. It is more crowded when Tet is coming.     Ha Noi – Huong Pagoda Festival Huong Pagoda and Huong Tich Cave are two famous tourist attractions in Vietnam. They are located in Huong Son, My Duc district, away from Ha Noi center about 70 kilometers.


Huong Pagoda

Includes many temples and caves which are natural and artificial including mountains, hills, caves, streams, forests, temples, etc... Every year, when spring begins, apricot blossoms bloom white all over mountains and forests of Huong Son, millions of Buddhists and tourists everywhere flock to go on a pilgrimage Huong Pagoda.



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