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Best Places To Enjoy Sunset And Sunrise In Vietnam

Sunset and sunrise are spectacular natural sights that every visitor desires to enjoy in Vietnam thanks to its extraordinary landscape backdrops for the best performance of the sun! I believe that dawn and twilight are the most romantic moments of the day. Every so often, all the rays come together just right, and a gorgeous sunset or sunrise is born. To me, they are the other of natural beauty which we should be always thankful for! Hardly find the words to describe exactly how wonderful it is!

1.    Sunrise in Ma Pi Leng Mountain Pass

Ma Pi Leng is among the mightiest of all mountain passes in Vietnam. It is one of the best places to enjoy dawns in Vietnam with the panoramic view of the tranquil valley below and the peaceful Nho Que River. Located at the peak of 2000 higher over sea level in Ha Giang province, it is considered the spectacular place to enjoy the first glow of sunrises. When the sun rises slowly over the rocky mountain, Ha Giang maybe brightened after a long dark night.


Sunrise in Ma Pi Leng Mountain Pass

All leaves seem to flare up to get the pure light of the early morning. You will be immersed in the harmony nature. From the Ma Pi Leng Pass, movement of sun creates marvelous views for you -visitors to watch. The narrow Nho Que River becomes poetic than ever. Standing amid the imposing nature, you find the great feelings of adventure to the Vietnam mountain destinations.

2.    Sunset and sunrise in Ha Long Bay

Twilight in many different regions of Vietnam through the eyes of travelers is more majestic. For sure, you will fall in love with the beauty of Halong bay, a stunning beauty captivating all hearts. When the last sunlight of a day fades behind the limestone mountains, Ha Long flashes up its surprisingly allure.


Sunrise in Ha Long Bay

The beautiful yellow sunrise doesn’t dazzle your eyes like the summer sun; it slowly spreads over the calm waterways and ridged cliffs. Wander along the shore side, catch the daily moment of fishermen and lie on the lounge to contemplate the sparkle ray of sunset and sunrise in Vietnam. Exotic Voyages say: "Sunset is always the best time for lovers engage or show the deep emotions. Take a Vietnam luxury cruise  in Halong Bay to float on the ocean and enjoy the most charming dawn together!"

3.    Sunrise over Long Bien Bridge

Long Bien Bridge, famous for its unique architecture and long-lasting history, has great attraction to visitors. Over a long time, Long Bien Bridge has been considered one of the most alluring places in Hanoi. It is said that Long Bien Bridge is the best place to look at the first glow of sunlight in the early morning and take amazing photos of alluvial patch. Out of the hustle and bustle Hanoi city, visitors are soaked into the peaceful moments with the dream-like landscapes of Red River each day.


Sunrise over Long Bien Bridge

Whilst the sun is moving over the horizon, people are in hurry to start the new day. This is also the taciturn time in mind to contemplate the busy life of a new developing city of Hanoi. Wander along the oldest Bridge of Hanoi in the morning, buy some foods from vendors, you not only watch the spectacular sunrise but also experience daily life of Hanoians. You will be surprised when finding the quiet time among the vibrant capital of Hanoi. Whenever time you pay a visit to Long Bien Bridge, you will find it among the finest place to watch sunset and sunrise in Vietnam.

4.    Sunset in Hoi An

The river and waterways in Hoi An are always calm but full of color. Boats of all shapes, sizes and styles wow you into the beautiful world at the end of the day. For me, twilight in Hoi An brings me the special feelings of romantic moments and simple life. Never in my life have I found the best place amazed my souls by the deliberate rhythms of daily life.

Sunset in Hoi An

As you paddle along the river, the view of antique town in late afternoon seems more glorious. The brightened ochre ancient houses look even more sparkling. The river and the gently singing out of paddler take you back time to enjoy the most charming moment with enchanting twilight in Hoi An. Looking at sunset in a unique Hoi An town with its long history, visitors can leave the busy life behind!

5.    Sunrise in Phu Quoc Island

If you are looking for somewhere to experience intimate moments, Phu Quoc Island is the best choice. Phu Quoc, well-known as the island of heaven, draws an increasing number of visitors recently by its pristine sandy beach as well as the fabulous sunrise in the morning. If you once visit this paradise, you’re going to love it. Why? And what makes dawn in Phu Quoc Island more special?


Sunrise in Phu Quoc Island

You know, early morning is the best time to catch large fish in Phu Quoc Island. Enjoy light breakfast, let your hook sown and wait for your big catch of the morning. The dawn here, with its mesmerizing beauty, is even more memorable when you take a fishing cruise. If you want to laze around in the tropical sunshine, a lounge along the seashore is better for you. Wake up early, take a morning walking along the stunning white sand beach and watch the red sun over the turquoise seaways. Of course, the visual beauty of nature’s original fireworks display allows you once again to relive your youth and your freedom when contemplating sunrise or sunsets in this heaven of Vietnam.

6.    Sunset in Chau Doc, An Giang

Chau Doc, a town of An Giang Province, lies on the riverside of mighty Mekong Delta River. Next to the border between Vietnam and Cambodia, Chau Doc is one of the most attractive Vietnam countryside destinations.


Sunrise in An Giang

After trekking to Sam Mountain, admiring the grand view of Mekong Delta from the peak, it wows you by its dramatic sunset towards Cambodia. Here in Vietnam, you enjoy the fantasizing twilight of both two prettiest Indochina countries. A meek and affable Chau Doc with ancient Cambodia seems more marvelous at the end of the day. In contrast to the sunset on the big bridges or long beach, twilight in the countryside with background of lush young rice paddy, actually guide you to the most peaceful villages’ harmony with nature. You’re in for a special treat. When the sun disappears gradually, you are bathed in a magic and in deep emotional one.


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