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How to Choose Your Perfect Halloween Costume

With Halloween coming up, you are getting stuck for ideas of choosing costumes for this event? No fear, there are plenty of ways to come up with creative ideas for costume while keeping within a budget. Here are some of our advice that will help you to pick your perfect Halloween costume this year.

Find your Halloween style


Are you Sexy? Scary? Cute? Or Angry? Your Halloween costume is the great way to let people see a side behind of yourself that you don't usually get a chance to share such as something really fun, wacky or scary. Or, it could emphasize a side of you that everyone already knows and loves well, such as being zany, cheeky or bright. In finding your own Halloween style, think about what you wear on a daily basis that makes you feel comfortable for the most. This is the easiest way to help you to think of costume right away. For example, if you usually wear a skirt or a dress? You can pair these things with something a little more exciting to form a costume, such as a witch's hat on top of a dress. I believe that you will be the cutest witch as ever in the world. In case normally you wear jeans, will a cloak over the top of jeans be a good idea? Also, think of the colors you normally wear. If you always wear black, you probably wouldn't want to be a fairy, although a dark fairy could be a good option. If you like bright colors think of pumpkins, elves, fairies, rainbows, etc. If you like darker colors, think of ghosts, vampires, skeletons, evil geniuses, or even maleficent etc. However, feel free to mix and match, as it's Halloween and anything goes. Also, think of your interests. What do you like to do? Make a list of the things you enjoy to do like sport, cosplay, cooking, playing games, dressing up, reading, etc. For example, if you like football, why shouldn’t you be a famous football player; if you're fan of TV show, dress up as one of the characters you like for the most; if you like animals or food, dress up as your favorite pet or dessert, fruits or anything you like. Match the list of options to the items you have available and be creative.

Care on budget


Halloween costumes can range from cheap to very expensive, so it's important to have an idea of what you'd like to spend. When choosing, always check to see what's included in the costume, because some costumes will be much cheaper than others when add-ons are accounted for. A costume containing, for example, a shirt, pants, hat, wig, and belt will be a good deal if you get the cheaper price for a single piece. On the other hand, a single dress or costume item could cost the same amount, so you would need to balance up whether or not it's worth it to you and fits within your budget. Besides that, you should look for sales. Stores have sales all the time for Halloween costumes, especially if it's very close to Halloween. Be sure to check the TV, internet, and newspaper ads for upcoming sales on Halloween costumes. By checking the sales, you could get a great costume for a small price.

Keep time in mind


Make sure that you have enough time to find your perfect Halloween costume. First of all, start thinking about a month before and try to allow yourself at least two weeks ahead to start to make your choice of costume. Although it seems early, thinking ahead gives you the space to make something that fits well and gives you the chance to run down or change your mind. Try not to buy costumes at the last minute as this will often mean the best costumes are already taken and out of what is left, they may not be in your size or to your liking.

Check the weather

Do check the weather beforehand, both in the days leading up to Halloween and on the day itself. This will help you make the right choices about what to wear and whether you can get away with not wearing an overcoat and tights if it’s cold outside or whether you'll need an umbrella if it’s rainy. If it's hot, thick leggings, a jacket, or a heavy costume will not be good choices. Avoid layers, and wear something thin. Lighter colors are better than darker ones. Try putting your hair in a ponytail so you won't get extra hot. However, if you need to wear layers, I don’t think it’s appropriate one! Find another costume. If it's cold, wear a coat, and wear a shirt under your costume so you won't be chilly. Try to choose the costume that suits with boots as well.

Consider a group costume


If you're planning to go out with some friends, one cool way to appear is to have matching costumes. This can be hilarious for onlookers who see a bunch of the same characters or similar ones or even group of characters in the series of horror movies coming to their door. Discuss with your friends if they like your ideas, I do believe they will excitingly support it. Have a memorable Halloween !!!


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