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8 Reasons Why Thailand Is A Popular Destination

Thailand is certainly one of the first countries that people suggest you visit when you plan a trip to Asia. But have you ever asked yourself: “Why is Thailand a popular holiday destination?” Actually, there are 8 reasons for Thailand holiday destination to be popular in the world. I would share our answers for this question and hope it persuasive enough to “call” you to Thailand for your next holiday.

1. Fantastic Beaches

Of course, “beaches, beaches and … beaches” are what people keep talking about Thailand. The stunning white sandy beaches, charming coconut and palm trees, incredible beach bars, huge umbrellas and delicious cocktails treat travelers so well that they can’t help listing Thailand among the best beach destinations in the world. I myself love the beach so much. I can lie on the sand, sip my favorite glass of cocktail and watch deep blue sea through my sunglasses all day. To me, it’s more than heaven. There are also many other travelers from all around the world love the beach, especially who come from landlocked nations. It’s the reason for Phuket, Krabi, Koh Lanta, Koh Chang, etc to be considered as paradise on earth for beach lovers.

Thailand has stunning beaches koh yao yai

Thailand has stunning beaches

2. Warm and sunny weather

Thailand is one of the loveliest sunny lands in the world. It’s ideal for both summer vacations or winter escapes as it’s warm all year around. It’s incredible if you break your long snowy winters with a short escape to the tropical land of Thailand. There will be no jackets, no gloves, no sweaters, etc. It’s home to sunshine, shorts, and t-shirts only.

The country has warm and sunny weather all year round

The country has warm and sunny weather all year round

3. Yummy Food

If a person says “I like Thai food”, he really means it. Thai cuisine is so unique that it can be distinguished from that of any country in the world, even its neighboring countries. Laos cuisine is same same but different as it is for sure not as delicate as Thai’s. Thai food has typical flavors of coconut milk, chilli and lemongrass. I love the attractive hot smell of Thai soups and the fresh flavor of variety of sweets. Thailand is the paradise of sweets and fresh fruits. Fruits are fresh, abundant and super delicious; you will taste and enjoy both popular and rare tropical fruits at very best price which you can’t find in your home country.

Thailand cuisines is considered delicious by most of the tourists

Thailand cuisine is considered delicious by most of the tourists

4. Friendly and cherubic locals

I use the words of “cherubic” and “friendly” to describe Thai people. They are very frank, helpful, and easygoing but sometimes a little bit shy with foreigners. It’s true when Thailand is said to be “the land of smiles”. You are welcomed by warm smiles, palm pressing, and elegant bows anywhere you arrive. I always feel safe and comfortable to be with Thai people, from helpful taxi drivers, honest shop owners to smiling receptionists.

5. Dynamic nightlife

Different from many culture destinations in Asia such as Myanmar, Vietnam or Laos, Thailand not only has numerous historical sites and shrines but also attracts young people thanks to its dynamic nightlife in Bangkok and other places. Thailand offers various places to enjoy the nightlife. While there are a lot of trendy discos and luxury clubs for travelers, there are also a lot of local pubs, bars in local areas. It’s a haven for you to have fun and let your mind and body free.

Dynamic nightlife thailand

Thailand is also a place for dynamic nightlife with several night bars and activities

6. Perfect place to explore Buddhism

Contrast to modern nightlife in some tourist hubs, Thailand is actually keeping its serene Buddhist atmosphere in many charming ancient cities such as Chiang Mai or Ayutthaya. It’s amazing that in the same country, you are able to enjoy different faces of Asia. In Thailand, travelers feel the Buddha’s spirit through a range of pagodas, temples and other shines throughout the country and through religious activities during their trips such as talking to monks, taking part in the blessing ceremony, etc.

Thailand is the country of Buddhism

Thailand is the country of Buddhism

7. Jungle adventure and elephant experience

Thailand is a destination for beach lovers, culture vultures, and also active adventurers. Northern Thailand is a challenging and splendid land for active adventures to conquer nature. Trekking through lush jungles, cycling through mountainous highlands, hiking through hill-tribe villages brings you close to nature and authentic locals. How to interact with Elephant ethically is a featured activity of Thailand tourism which families with kids are very interested in.

amazing experiences travelling to Thailand

You can have amazing experiences traveling to Thailand

8. Professional hospitality

Again, the phrase “the land of smiles” is true with Thailand’s hospitality. As Thai people know the concept of sustainable travel is protecting the environment and caring clients. They are always trying their best to satisfy guests wherever they are. Travelers are treated as kings and queens at luxury resorts, as close friends in local markets and on streets, as special guests in restaurants and other tourist spots. Everybody would like to return such a nice place like this.


Thailand offers tourists world-class hospitality

Overall, above 8 reasons why Thailand is a popular holiday destination are just the breakdown of the main reason that Thailand knows what its advantages are and how to enhance them. They focus on tourism as a main industry of this developing country, offer travelers exactly what they are looking for in a tropical land and satisfy all kinds of travelers by its diversity of nature and culture.


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