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5 Unique Experiences In Luxury Tours to Myanmar

Luxury tours Myanmar will lead you to the most unique experiences in the country. From the sky, on a boat, on wheels, or simply on your feet, get the most of what Myanmar has to offer. Exotic Voyages experts are here to recommend the most remarkable experiences for you to try and enjoy your time here in Myanmar!

Get  The Breathtaking Hot Air Balloon Experience In Bagan

If you are eager to discover the stunning 3000 ancient temples of Bagan in a different way, it is the moment to add a hot air balloon experience in your luxury tours to Myanmar. From October to May, the Bagan plain wakes up with hot air balloons dancing in the magical sky. With Exotic Voyages you will have the great chance to be in one of them.

As the balloon flies up in the blue sky, the view discloses a magnificent and pristine watercolor painting. From the sky you realize the immensity of the region, you can observe the wonderful temples standing here and there, the villages where people go on with their daily tasks, the Irrawaddy River is winding through the landscape to the horizon where distant hills overlap each other. Enjoy 45-60 minutes of stimulating freedom and liberty while the sun rises over the natural park. Relax and memorize this unique instant with a cup of champagne given to on your arrival. We can help you make this moment the most unique and extraordinary moment of your stay. Let yourself be surprised by the natural beauty and legendary manmade constructions of Myanmar.

Have A Boat Ride To Explore Amazing Inle lake

Deep in Burma's eastern Shan state lies Inle Lake, a water reserve circled by mountains and stunning natural landscape. Nothing is more gorgeous and charming than gliding on the water on a local boat. Traditional narrow canals will lead you to the most picturesque villages perched on stilts, where you’ll be able to share a moment with local people and observe their daily life. During the boat trip, you can observe the wonderful ancient monasteries and pagodas on the way and stop a moment to explore them. Enjoy the unique view of the leg-rowing fisherman standing up on their boats to give a glimpse on the fishes twisting under the water.


In the morning time you will see the children heading to school, the farmers starting their work on their floating gardens and the monks preparing for prayers. In the afternoon the quiet and peaceful environment takes over the excitation of the morning and you can hear the sound of nature, the splashes of water and the birdsongs from the tree canopies. Whenever you want, Inle Lake offers you a unique atmosphere and experience.

Cross The Wonderful U Bein Bridge At Sunrise And Sunset

Luxury tours to Myanmar is not complete without crossing this wonderful world longest teak structure almost reaching 1.200m over the Taungthaman Lake, near the ancient Burmese capital of Amarapura. U Bein was built in the mid 1800’s on over a thousand teak piles supporting the long walkway. The main structure is made of unwanted wood from dismantled and moved palaces and temples.

This long bridge is crossed everyday by the locals going to sell their products in the other side of the lake. Getting up early to discover the peaceful atmosphere on the bridge over sunrise or enjoying a red and yellow dazzling sunset on the lake is your memorable moment of your lifetime.

Ascend The Astonishing Mount Popa

Stately and majestic, mount Popa dominates the region from its 777 steps. This dramatic extinct volcano is located an hour driving from Bagan and shelters stunning shrines and temples at its top. Sacred Popa monastery is entirely surrounded by sheer cliff faces and offers stunning views stretching infinitely on the sweltering plains over the Bagan area and the Irrawaddy River. The 3 to 4 hours climb is worth the detour as the 360 degrees vision from this point is the compelling evidence of the natural beauty of Myanmar. Mount Popa is also a natural reserve for colorful butterflies and birds flying along the way.

Start a journey with a drive from old Bagan to Mount Popa, you will cross rural farms and villages where you can observe women making handicraft and children playing around. Stop for lunch in a nice local restaurant providing a wonderful view overlooking the volcano. Start the ascent and discover Mount Popa’s most hidden secrets.

Try The Horse Cart In Bagan


Horse cart is a unique and original way to visit Bagan temples while having luxury tours to Myanmar.  Relax on a comfortable bench; enjoy the view from the open sides and back of your cart. Listen to the interesting stories of your driver and your guide who will tell you about myth of ancient Burmese and the history of the temples. Following your own path and decide when you want a stop to stretch your leg, take pictures and explore a particular place. Feel the atmosphere of the enigmatic history remaining in the present. This flexible and ecological transport will take you to little villages where you will be able to talk to the locals and relax for a tea. Whether you decide for a sunrise or a sunset experience, your horse will take you to the most stunning place to capture the oranges and yellow colors covering the horizon and illuminating the temples. Luxury tours to Myanmar are full of surprise and amazing experience once you open your mind and soul to be touched by a range of beautiful sites and cultural heritage by the country. Awaking your senses and opening your eyes, these experiences in Myanmar will let you feel the extraordinary freedom of exploration and discoveries.


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