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48 Hours In Beijing

Beijing, the renowned capital city of the world’s most populated country, is well known as the most-visited destinations all over the world. Within 48 hours in Beijing, what will you want to discover? Give an exotic visit to the capital of China; you explore the glorious past, its modernity as well as a perfect combination of the two, based on whenever you come and whatever your interest is.

1. Hike up to the Great Wall of China

If you are in a rush, leave the hustling life behind and find the best time by hiking up to some sections of the Great Wall of China. The Great Wall offers the timeless allure to throngs of visitors, both for the historic sites and magnificent views at any time. Most of the famous parts of the Great Walls are situated in Beijing and the Badaling section is the best recommended-visit destination. “He who does not reach the Great Wall is not a true man”. It is actually true! More than 7 km length with the flat terrain is definitely the awesome trip of your lifetime. Walking along the Great Wall, you are inspired by the walls constructed by bar stones and bricks. This awe-inspiring feat of ancient defensive architecture satisfies your curiosity. Don’t worry if your travel takes you to this area anytime as it is extremely beautiful all years. The colorful Great Wall of China impresses your soul by a trip of 48 hours in Beijing. When the autumn comes, the mountains and Badaling sections are picturesquely filled with colors of red, brown, yellow and golden. At Exotic Voyages, our travel experts recommend it is the best time to visit the Great Wall of China. Its beauty is undeniable. In spring, wander among the lush vegetation when the trees and plants turn green. Another perspective of the Great Wall of China surprises you a lot. The Great Wall creeps its way like a silver necklace among the strong mountain sunlight in summer or an amazing snowy scene in winter. Surely, if you want to avoid the crowd, spring is the best choice.


The Great Wall of China (Photo by Craig Maccubbin in Flickr)

2. Visit the Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City

If you adventure with a passion for historic sites, visiting the Wonders of China, Tiananmen and the Forbidden City, is a must. When talking about Tiananmen, the first thing people recall is not only the impressive historic site but also the holy ceremonies of flag-raising at stunning sunrise. Tiananmen tower is the most remarkable highlight reflecting long-lasting history and modern present. Additionally, a number of typical buildings, such as the central Monument to people and the Memorial Hall of Chairman MAO, Great Hall of the People and the western National Museum of China. These entire new and old buildings associate with each other perfectly, showing both distinctive national features. Besides the famous Tiananmen, the Forbidden City with both the “Front Hall” and “Inner Palace” surrounded by high walls enables visitors to experience the masterpiece of ancient architecture of the complex buildings. The interior floor paved with gilded bricks and the ceiling sophisticatedly carved with gilded patterns of canary-creeper and float flower. The giant China is absolutely here!



A vast ensemble of lakes in Summer Palace

3. Watch Beijing Opera Show and Kungfu Show

Beijing pampers you by not only a great engineering marvel but also the long traditional culture and festivals. Beijing Opera is considered the Chinese culture treasure, also one of the best things to do for 48 hours in Beijing. The make-up, the magical face masks, the elaborate costumes, the unique vocal style, and the demanding acrobatics make Beijing opera a high-class performance entertainment. If you want to discover the Chinese Martial Arts and Culture; you can’t miss the Kungfu Show at Beijing Red Theater. Kung Fu is the most ancient and traditional dance of Chinese for such a long time. Thanks to the temptations, challenges, explorations and also the difficulties faced by actors during the great performance, you are strongly impacted both physically and mentally. It draws near-capacity crowds for every show. You will be stroke at the flexibility, skills and flawless precision of the acrobats perfectly created and mesmerizing performances. Astonishing to witness the balance and coordination humans are capable of. Thus your China luxury travel in Beijing is both an unlikely journey and a memorable one.


Beijing Opera Show

4. Try local foods

Among many alluring smells of local food, Duck Roasted and handled noodles are the two best. Beijing Duck Roasted starts with fresh fruit then the knife-wielding chef will serve duck for you. The master cuts off the head of the duck, splits it in a half, and removes the skin from the breast of duck in three-wide strips. It is sliced into thin slivers and put into a plate in overlapping layers. They often decorate the dish with herbs and some fresh vegetables. It is best savored with simple condiments of plum sauce, finely sliced onions or cucumbers and wafer-thin pancakes. Besides, handled noodles in Beijing style has its own distinctive that you should try when traveling to the capital of China. Craving more local flavor, it is another choice! The dizzying array of noodles that are formed into nearly as many shapes as Italian pasta. Enjoy it with simmered beef soup, julienned cucumber, and pink turnips. If you are looking for charming places to dine at, the Huohai lakeside restaurant is the best choice. The backdrop of the sun going down over Houhai Lake and the sound of traditional Chinese musicians, order some famous Chinese food and enjoy the romantic moments together. You savor for yourself the splendor of chilling out time. It is obviously the exclusive experience in your China tours. For early drinks and a panoramic view, visit the China Bar on the 65th floor of the new Park Hyatt with the spectacular views to CCTV headquarters and the recently scorched Mandarin Oriental hotel. Nothing better than contemplating the sun gradually rising above the skyscrapers as well as the movement from night to day of this hurry city!


One of the Chinese local dishes (Photo by sminamijp on Flickr)

5. Enjoy Chinese traditional tea ceremony 

The relaxing moment of tea ceremony after a day of sightseeing gives you a quiet retreat from the chaos in Terrace Tea House. It is like the private space far from the maddening crowd and you definitely love every second of it. It is more than a nice Teahouse or Restaurant. It is actually about the experiences. The art, science of making a proper cup of Chinese tea as well as the accompanying elaborate ceremony is very impressive. Coming to the capital of China without enjoying the Chinese traditional tea ceremony, you yourself waste the worthy 48 hours in Beijing.

Chinese traditional tea ceremony



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