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4 Best Sri Lanka Beach Resorts

Recently, Sri Lanka has changed dramatically, both the economy and tourism. Sri Lanka beach resorts with the growth of unique villa and boutique resorts offer you a wide array of choice.

1.    Elegant Apa Villa Thalpe

A calm, elegant and wonderful oasis of relaxation is not enough to say about Apa Villa Thalpe Resort. About 8km east of Galle Port, amidst some of the world’s most eye-opening beaches, it welcomes you by its breezy and sunny spaces. Known as the “stylish and leisurely” mood, Apa Thalpe arouses the best deliberate moments to enjoy the monsoon rains and glorious sunsets. Whether you read at interior lounges or lay down on a deck at the beachside, you wallow into the lush swaying palms, turquoise water, and splendid sand beaches as well. Unwind yourself by walking along the seashore, watching the blue rolling waves or the unique fishing style of Sri Lanka’s fishermen.  Particularly, at twilight, enjoy a cocktail or wine while the sun is disappearing under the horizon with the glistening lights.

Elegant Apa Villa Thalpe

Elegant Apa Villa Thalpe in Sri Lanka

Three disparate villas with seven sumptuous suites, majestic pillars, wood furniture in the charming houses and gardens makes Apa Villa Thalpe is one of the most luxury Sri Lanka Beach Resorts. A special thing that you hardly find in any resort is that a well-stocked library in each environ. Apa Villa Thalpe is famous for its island-wide. Dine at the shadow of the coconut palms and tropical wind and see the natural beauty. All Sri Lanka specialities such as curries, yellow-fin tuna or fresh lobsters are well-served.

2. Deluxe Amanwella Resort and Spa

Rated by travelers, Amanwella is one of the most enchanting Sri Lanka beach resorts. Down to the southern Sri Lanka, it is located in a lush coconut grove fronting near panoramic beaches. Amanwella, have you ever thought of this name? Actually, this name rooted from the word “aman” or “peace” in Srilakit and “well” for “beach”. People stay here and soak into the peaceful time to throw the hustling daily life. Enter a natural world with all 30 gorgeous suites of this contemporary style with their own regional materials and aesthetics. Terrazzo floors and doors with hand-hewn stone walls are promised to bring you into the most modern accommodations but close to nature.


Wella beach club in Amanwella Resort and Spa, Sri Lanka

Amanwella is in the heart of Wella Wathuara village. An early morning or evening stroll along the village paths that wind through the jungle provide an interesting insight into daily village life. In a privileged setting, it amazes you by watching turtles’ hatchery in their natural habits or unwinding in dramatic sunsets. With all topographical highlights, the design and aesthetic of Amanwella is the most notable modern architect in Sri Lanka.

3.    Boutique The Fortress and Spa Galle

Let your eyes be allured by the chic sophistication with the boutique luxury world since you step your foot into the gateways of the Fortress Resort. It is definitely a pristine heaven, where you leave the busy life behind. One of the Sri Lanka boutique resorts, it purifies your soul by the best world-class facilities. Highly appreciated the enchantment and tranquil beauty, all of 53 guest rooms and suites wows visitors to relax and unwind the most stylish interior architecture with well-equipped amenities. If you desire a romantic spirit of ocean’s melody, the Fortress with full-length French windows and views of white sand beaches or watching birds gratifies you totally. At Exotic Voyages, we would strongly recommend couples for the alluring honeymoon trip in Sri Lanka and Sri Lanka luxury trips for families.


Boutique The Fortress and Spa Galle in Sri Lanka

Dining at The Fortress will take your taste into the sensational occasion. Additionally, all the Sri Lanka culinary is well-prepared with local wine to experience a new Sri Lanka in a breathtaking setting. It is said that your journey isn’t perfect if you aren’t in the Dou, the most famous Sri Lanka wine cellar, to enjoy the marvelous beaches at night. After the days with beach activities, you unwind yourself in Spa Naturel to laze the hours away in one of the bewitching Sri Lanka beach resorts.

4.     Charming Saman Villas

The Saman Villas resort offers a completely secludes beachfront setting. Your cares slips away when you enter through the giant oaks and fruit trees, winding stream, and beautiful water garden. Each privately located in a seaside lookout that wows you the sound of the waves chinking in the cliffs. Designed for guest to spend the days in peace and harmony with nature, Saman Villas deserves to be one of the best Sri Lanka beach resorts.


Charming Saman Villas in Sri Lanka

27 luxury suites with graceful furnishings and island-style fabrics coddle the most fastidious travelers. One thing special, modern bathroom in each suite with ethnic motifs must be an extraordinary experience in your Sri Lanka Tours What about dining under the millions of stars? By candlelight on the beach or in water garden, the most fantasizing moments in your life is lighted too. Located upper floor, Sunset Bar is an ideal place to enjoy the magnificent views of coast and hills at night.


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