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3 Places Should Not Be Missed In Your Tour To Kandy - Sri Lanka

Located in the central mountains of Sri Lanka, Kandy city is known as the last capital of the royal in this country. If Sri Lanka is considered a floating emerald gem in the sea, Kandy is considered the sparkle emanated from this gem. Kandy retains many pristine cultural values which are seen as invisible hands that hold visitors’ feet to stay longer and extend their Sri Lanka tours. If you have a plan to travel this exciting city, do not miss these 3 amazing places in tour to Kandy as below.

1. The Great Royal Botanical Garden Peradeniya

Located in the suburb of Kandy, Royal Botanic Garden is one of the most attractive stops of this South Asian Island. The huge garden is established in 1371 by the 3rd Wickramabahu king. Nowadays the Royal Botanical Garden Peradeniya becomes a passion for travelers in all around the world to travel to Sri Lanka. There are currently about 4,000 species of rare plants from various tropical and subtropical regions and 300 species of rare orchids brought from all around the world to plant in the garden. Setting feet on the royal botanical gardens of Peradeniya, travelers seem to be lost in a new world separated from the outside world with fresh green nature, amazing scenery and cool fresh atmosphere.


The Royal Botanical Garden, Peradeniya - tour to Kandy, Sri Lanka (source: Koshy Koshy, flickr.com)

2. Tooth Relic Temple - Sri Dalada Maligawa Temple

Tooth Relic Temple has its local name of Sri Dalada Maligawa Temple. This temple is a structure in royal palace complex region in Kandy. It is famous with a Buddha tooth brought from India to Sri Lanka that is preserved in this place for worship. Dalada Maligawa Temple is an attractive destination that brings lots of tourists to visit Sri Lanka, and is also one of the highlights recommended in a tour to Sri Lanka. In every August of a year, there is a Buddha Tooth Ceremony celebrated with formal solemnity lasted for 10 days. In this ceremony, visitors would have chance to witness parades that seemed to exist only in fairy-tale.


Tooth Relic Temple - Sri Dalada Maligawa Temple - tour to Kandy, Sri Lanka (source: Nithi Anand, flickr.com)

3. Sigiriya rock fortress

Located on the fixed slope and the top of the 370 meters mountain with a shape of giant lion proudly stood in the center of Matale District, Sigiriya is worthy to be the most highlighted place in a tour to Sri Lanka for those who are interested in this country. The foundation of this unique fortress is a large pink stone standing out among the trees and sky blue. From the third century BC, there is a sign of human lives here and the evidence for that are the mural paintings in the tunnel.This tunnel was also the abode of Buddhism monks. Today, Sigiriya is no longer a majestic fortress but with its remaining vestiges, it can be easily seen the incredible power and ability of ancient Sri Lanka people.

Sigiriya Rock Fortress-tour to Kandy

Sigiriya  rock fortress - tour to Kandy, Sri Lanka


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