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Travel In Style - The 17th Edition

Dear Travellers, We are so happy to see you again with our new magazine which seems very appropriate to the New Year. Many of us are busy with plans for the year ahead: maybe finding more time to relax with friend and family, registering a yoga class or learning to cook a new dish (for example “che troi nuoc” which you will find on page 52 ). But we’re sure that all those things won’t lose your passion for exploring the world. New Year! New You.. We all need somewhere amazing and uplifting for 2018, somewhere with lots of exciting festivals, somewhere like Southeast Asia. Is crazy Water Festivals in Thailand attractive to you enough to plan a trip? How about a Magical Dance with Masks in Bhutan? Or you need some Extreme Outdoor Adventures? If you’re not entirely convinced, let’s take a look at 5 Travel Trends in 2018 on page 8 to be inspired. One destination that you shouldn’t miss in 2018 is Vietnam. But this time, we want to introduce a different aspect of this compelling country through a journey of food and its folk paintings. We will take you to Dong Ho village, about 25 km from Hanoi, where the local artists are enduringly preserving the traditional painting methods dated back more than 500 hundred years ago. My dear ladies! We always have a special corner of warmth and love for you. Therefore, in this New Year magazine, we want to share with you a numerous of tips for your perfect Southeast Asia trips. However, the weather might be still rainy and a little bit cold, please don’t forget to bring a scarf. You will never know how a small scarf can do to your outlook. Read our article on page 78 to find out Multiple Ways To Use Your Scarf while traveling. As the year comes to close, we hope that you will find some inspiration from our magazine’s articles for your coming trips. If you still can’t make up your mind, remember that our travel experts are always here to listen and help you to make your 2018 more exciting.


Travel In Style New Year Edition 2018




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