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Travel in Style 15th Edition by Exotic Voyages

Hello folks, Exotic Voyages are excited to present to you the latest edition of Travel in Style! We are enjoying the tropical summer and have had the pleasure of setting up a lot of unforgettable holiday trips and tours for travelers to Vietnam, Thailand and our other magical destinations. There is no greater joy than having a chance to share the Asian summer spirit with our readers. Let your mind travel far away with picturesque photos and local insights! Speaking of which, we have plenty to share with you. In the pages of this issue, we will take you on a journey of travel discovery:

-We are featuring 3 new destinations for any craving soul out there, including Japan, India and Oman.

-Introducing new luxury accommodations: 3Nagas - the mythical legends of Laos; Sala Lodge - the perfect getaway; and Sarojin - the hospitable and warm-hearted.

-Best tours from Exotic Voyages to come close with nature

-Cruising South East Asia

-Food experience of Vietnam and Burma

-For the ladies, we have a list of trendiest summer items for you, along with advice on how to keep yourself hydrated in flight.

Enjoy pages of Asian culture, cuisine, and more. Be ready to awake your travel lust. If you are ready to plan a vacation to Asia for the amazing destinations we share in our magazine, reach us anytime at +1 (888) 497-0068. We would love to help you plan your trip. Thank you again for your support - every one of our readers means the world to us. Enjoy our newest Travel in Style and Bon voyage.

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