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Travel in Style Magazine 13th issue

Welcome to the latest edition of Travel in Style! We are enjoying the holidays here and have had the pleasure of setting up a lot of unforgettable holiday trips and tours for travelers to Vietnam, Thailand and our other magical destinations. There is no greater joy than having a chance to share the holiday spirit of Asia with our customers and readers!

We have plenty to share with you in this month’s Travel in Style! In the pages of this month’s issue, we will take you on a journey of travel discovery: • Plan a luxury stay in Angkor at a premiere boutique resort for the time of your life. • Explore Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp & Resort, one of the most innovative destinations in Thailand. Here you can learn to ride one of Asia’s most beloved creatures. Take a trek on an elephant’s back for an experience like no other. • Should you hit a dozen destinations in your next Asian tour, or should you take a more leisurely, laid-back approach, planning an extended stay in just one or two locations? Discover your travel style and learn how to pace your vacation to craft the itinerary of your dreams! • Find out what it’s like to tie the knot in an underwater wedding in Thailand! There really is no more unique way to say “I do!” • Learn about the first-ever Vietnam Silk Culture Festival. • Enjoy our advice on Asian fashion, cuisine, and more! Ready to get started? Turn the page to start exploring Samar Villas & Spa Resort, Angkor’s best kept secret. Remember, if you are ready to plan your own vacation to Asia to check out some of the amazing destinations and events we share in our magazine in person, you can reach us anytime at +1 (800) 858-4114. We would love to help you plan your tour. Thank you again for your support—every one of our readers means the world to us. Enjoy our newest Travel in Style!

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