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Travel in Style Magazine 12th issue

It is my sincere pleasure to welcome you back to the 12th edition of our luxury magazine Travel in Style. As autumn set in, we are enjoying some of the most magical time in Hanoi and merrily awaiting the holiday season of the year.

In this issue, we will take you on a journey of different emotional states, much like the autumn itself, which hopefully will somehow quench your wanderlust. Whether you are looking forward to the delicious festive cooking or finding a different holiday vibe in the mysterious Asia, we have something in store for you! In travel in style section, we explore some of the latest travel trends around the world. If you are seeking inner peace and tranquil experience then a healing journey through Asia is most fitting. Meanwhile, golf lovers will be delighted to know that Vietnam is shaping up to be new dream golf destinations, as more academics ad courses are opening soon. We also take you back in time to 2008 and join the BBC’s Top Gear trio as they discover the beauty of Vietnam and its people. Popularized by this show, Hai Van pass now attracts droves of travelers (armed with selfie sticks) to soak in the breathtaking view of the mountain and coast. In food experiences, food lovers will have the chance to learn about the top 7on-vacation Christmas menus in Asia. Also for those with a more delicate taste, you can learn about the art of drinking flowering tea. As the holidays upon us, find out more about how Asian celebrate theirs. In Asia insight, we will take you to the mesmerizing lantern festival of Thailand, Loy Krathong. And while we are it, why not relive the incredible Vietnam Tet holiday experience through the lens of a foreigner. If you are traveling to Asia this Christmas, then you are in luck as we have the list of the perfect hotels for you. With that, we conclude the 12th issue of our luxurious magazine and are off to see the gorgeous Hanoi autumn. Our sincere thanks to all of your support and we look forward to seeing you in one (or more) of our destinations. Andy and the Exotic Voyages team.


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