Travel Expert

Bich Quyen

Quyen starts her passion for traveling when she first went abroad to Malaysia. She is the adventurous type, always want to explore new places and learn the culture of each destination. Quyen has treaded through Thailand, Myanmar and Cambodia, before finally settling in her hometown - Hanoi. Working for Exotic Voyages, Quyen wants to share her passion and introduce Vietnam’s beauty and other nations in Southeast Asia to more and more travelers.

In pastime, Quyen likes practicing yoga and swimming for a healthy mind and a body. She is also a excellent cook. She admires the Indian exotic spirit and food, of course. Oman has always been one of her favorite in the middle East, as the country is wealthy of natural beauty, especially its picturesque coastline. She still visits the country from time to time to relive her memory.

She loves Delhi the most, where the urban scape blend in with the old town. “It’s like you travel through time with just a walk” - Quyen said. Her joy simply is taking a ride around the city and you can see the history of the town: from the ancient Indian capital with hauls of spices and accessories along the road, to colonial town with unique architecture affecting by the British, then to skyscraper city of today Delhi.


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She was a pleasure to deal with, as were the guides, drivers who were charming and looked after us so well. We never had to worry about transport not turning up, or air tickets having mistakes that we became totally laid back and relaxed about what was a very busy two weeks.

I can’t thank Exotic Voyages enough for the care and attention they gave to us on our holiday because it meant I could enjoy what was a complicated non-stop tour of the country in 2 weeks without being stressed at all.

I traveled with my family and we had a great vacation. Everything went as planned, they did a great selection of places to stay, eat, tours and places.

There was alot to cover on this trip and Exotic voyages did a fantastic job of supplying a number of diffirent options until we managed to finalise the details. Their response to our questions was immediate and they suggested things we think of.


Melbourne, Australia

Helen N

London, UK

“Fantastic Asian Tour”

We recently booked a holiday with Exotic Voyages on a recommendation from a friend but was unsure what to expect….however our concerns were unfounded!


Derbyshire, UK


Yeovil, UK

Anne J

Cambridge, UK