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Private Luxury Bhutan Tours & Exclusive Escorted Bhutan Vacation Packages


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100% tailor made journeys with top-notch local guides

If you are thinking about traveling to Bhutan, you should consider the Bhutan luxury tours that we offer. We’ll take you on a deep dive into the country, going beyond the typical vacation to provide something far greater and more memorable. Whether you want to discover the ancient temples, lost fortresses, journey deep into the Himalayas, relax in luxury, or meet the locals, all this is possible on Exotic Voyages private tours of Bhutan.

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Whatever you want, wherever you desire to go, let us be there for you every step of the way. Our Travel Experts will listen to your preferences and find the perfect tour for you.

When we say luxury tour, we mean it and on our escorted Bhutan tours you will stay in breathtaking resorts that could provide all you could ask for as well as picturesque views. Aside from providing incredible places to stay during our selection of luxury Bhutan holidays, we will also provide you with a way to explore this incredible country like never before. Our travel experts can take you behind the scenes, avoid the crowds and help ensure that you get everything you want out of our incredible Bhutan vacation packages.

Bhutan Luxury Tour & Vacation Packages Crafted Specifically for You

At Exotic Voyages, we believe that luxury Bhutan tour packages should be completely personalized to meet the requirements of each individual traveler. That’s exactly what’s on offer with our solution. You can actually plan your daily schedule down to a tee on our Bhutan tours and include everything you want to see or do in one day. There’s no need to worry about travel, transport or accommodation because we can take care of all this for you. You just need to think about what adventures and activities you want to explore while in Bhutan. Tell us, your desires, your dreams and give us an idea of your ultimate Bhutan luxury tour experience. We’ll take care of the rest.

Every day can be completely unique, or you can design an entire Bhutan tour package around something like exploring the lost temples. It’s entirely your choice how you spend your days in this amazing region of the world.

At Exotic Voyages, we know that no two trips to Bhutan are going to be the same. So, with our guided tours Bhutan service, you can decide exactly where you want to go and what you want to see.

Are you keen to see the wonders of wildlife? Great, we’ll take you on an exciting trip into the wilderness where you’ll be able to get up close to the local animals. Interested in exploring? Not a problem, we can show you the world off the frequently traveled trail and ensure that you are able to find things that other tourists miss completely. We can even show you the best places to dine and the most wonderful little shops each town has to offer.

Our aim is to ensure that you get one of the best tours to Bhutan and fantastic value for money for your trip. Some Bhutan vacations can cost a fortune but don’t provide the great experience that you want. When you choose Exotic Voyages, you’ll find this isn’t the case at all. Instead, we’ll squeeze everything you want into your luxury Bhutan vacation package as well as fantastic extras we’re certain you’ll love.

Our Bhutan Escorted Guided Tours Are Run by Local Experts

Do you hate paying for a vacation package only to discover that your guide is reading off a script or worse, Googling any information that they provide? We do too and that’s why for our private guided Bhutan tours we hire local experts. They can provide you with information that you won’t be able to discover online or even from another Bhutan tour guide. These professionals know the secrets and hidden gems of Bhutan. They can explain everything from the cultural significance of gross national happiness to the importance of the Tiger Nest Monastery.

As well as this, on one of our Bhutan trips, your guide will be able to take you beyond where a typical tour group will travel. You’ll go deeper into the Himalayas, journey off the track and away from the rest of the group and perhaps explore an almost entirely undiscovered part of the country. It’s up to you how far you want to go with your travel adventure during our escorted Bhutan tours but if you’re eager to truly explore, our local tour guides can certainly meet this request.

There are so many benefits of using a professional guide when planning trips to Bhutan. These include:

  • A chance to find the best kept secret places to dine
  • Real encounters with the locals including monks
  • The option of dodging the crowds completely and getting a more personal experience
  • The chance to ask any questions you want and gain an answer from a real expert

With our local guided tours in Bhutan we believe the possibilities for adventure and exploration are absolutely endless. You won’t believe how much you can learn about the culture and indeed the history of the land when you have a highly knowledgeable local guide by your side.

Our Luxury Bhutan Holidays & Private Tours Include Luxury Travel Accommodation

If you are planning a Bhutan luxury travel trip, then accommodation is always going to be a primary concern. You want to make sure that you, your family, friends or partner are going to be comfortable when you are not exploring. You won’t be disappointed with what we can offer you when you use our service.

At Exotic Voyages, we can provide you with the ultimate solution on a Bhutan luxury Tour. As well as leading you on the Bhutan tourism trail, we can ensure you stay at some of the best resorts and most beautiful destinations the region can offer. When you are exploring the Buddhist Kingdom, you will be able to come back to a place that has all the home comforts you could possibly ask for as well as tantalizing extras. Spa options, gorgeous pools and much more may be available depending on the type of Bhutan private tour you are planning.

We know that many people will want to relax, unwind and enjoy a stress-free retreat after they have spent a full day exploring the temples or journeying through Thimphu and the Paro valley. With our solution, you will be staying at the best properties and they are always a stone throw away from the greatest attractions.

You can customize this part of your luxury Bhutan holiday to the Buddhist Kingdom as well. Do you want to stay in multiple, gorgeous resorts as part of your vacation? That can easily be arranged, and we can make sure that you are always staying close by to the best attractions. We can put you in the heart of the city or high in the mountains away from the crowds. It’s your choice.

Enjoy the Best Benefits of Deluxe Bhutan Properties

When you are exploring the Nepal Bhutan regions, we do provide you with access to the ultimate resorts and villas. As such, we can provide benefits that other tours to Bhutan simply cannot offer. These include:

Breathtaking Views: We select the resorts included in our Bhutan vacation packages carefully to guarantee they are perfectly located to provide picturesque environments. Gaze out your window in the morning and you will be amazed by the paradise the lies before you.

Extra Security: We know it can be worrying, visiting a country that you may not be familiar with. You may be concerned about your safety or perhaps the security of your possessions. Rest assured, when you choose our solution, we will provide fully secured accommodation for you that will provide the peace of mind that you deserve. Our aim is to provide the perfect relaxed, stress-free vacation for you.

Incredible Extras: Yes, with our solution, you will be provided with accommodation that offers you more than you might expect. Whether you are traveling with your family or on a romantic trip with your partner you will want to make sure your luxury vacation in Bhutan provides a perfect place to lavish in luxury. We can certainly offer this to you and ensure you can spend a comfortable evening in your villa or hotel.

Catered To Your Needs: This is another part of your Bhutan luxury tour that is completely customizable. You can tell us what you want your accommodation to provide and we will ensure that every villa that you stay at on your Bhutan tour matches these needs.

Everything You Can Discover on Our Bhutan Guided Private Tours

If you have never visited Bhutan before, you may have no idea what is waiting for you on one of our Bhutan guided tours. Luckily, we have helped countless visitors to this beautiful place discover the adventure and exciting opportunities they always dreamed of. How you spend your Bhutan luxury tour will always depend on your own personal preferences. With so much to see and do it would be impossible to discover everything that Bhutan has to offer. However, we can reveal some of the most popular adventures, experiences and places to visit.

Visit the Tiger Nest Monastery

Also known as Paro Taktsang, this is one of the most recognizable locations in Bhutan and we’re sure you have heard of it. If you haven’t we’ll be happy to include it as part of your luxury vacation in Bhutan. The monastery itself is a collection of buildings that are located on a cliff face about 900 meters above the ground. Constructed in 1962, it is considered to be a sacred Buddhist site and is often a key point of the Bhutan vacation packages we plan for clients. It is a completely functioning monastery and if you choose to explore you will encounter real monks.

Explore Thimphu

The capital of Bhutan is home to 100,000 people and it is very much the heart of the country. If you begin your journey through Bhutan elsewhere, you might be shocked at how contemporary this city is. It’s certainly a far cry from ancient relics and forgotten lands. However, on a Bhutan private tour, we will show you that the charm of this location still remains and there are plenty of exciting activities and experiences that await you.

For instance, you can see the world’s largest Buddha statue. It’s currently being built on a hill that provides a breathtaking view of a gorgeous valley. Once complete, the statue will be 51.5 meters tall.

Alternatively, we can take you down to the Craft Market on one of our Bhutan escorted tours. This is several hundred meters long and you can find countless shops here selling every type of souvenir and gift you can imagine. If you’re keen to take a little memento back from your trip, this is definitely the place to pick one up.


In the heart of the Himalayan kingdom, you will discover Punakha. It is a small yet beautiful town that holds many secrets and wonders. For instance, you can cross one of the largest suspension bridges in the region. There are colorful rags tied to each side providing a rather stunning aesthetic.

Or, you can journey through the Dochula Pass meditation caves. We can take you here, travelling ten miles from the town itself. The small sanctuary is off the frequently travelled path but well worth exploring as part of a Bhutan guided tour.

Explore Drukgyel Dzong

No Bhutan luxury tour is complete without seeing the Dzongs. This particular monument is considered to be one of the most famous and beautiful sites in Bhutan. You can explore it yourself by visiting the Paro Valley. The once great fortress was destroyed by a fire in 1991 however it has been well preserved and you can see the individual features of the structure. You can learn about defence practices from ancient times here.

Of course, this isn’t the only Dzong to explore. There’s also Rinpung Dzong. Unlike the other fortress, this one still stands today and is incredibly impressive. It is one of the largest Dzongs and is even home to great festivals. These occur from the eleventh to the fifteenth day of the second month for a typical Bhutanese lunar calendar. Usually, if you travel to Bhutan in March or April, you will be able to witness one of these festivals for yourself.

Adventure Activities

If you are looking for Bhutan vacation packages filled with adventure then a trip to Bhutan could certainly be the right choice. The kingdom of Bhutan is nestled deep in the Himalayas and this opens up a whole world of possible adventures. You can even go whitewater rafting here, taking you through a gorgeous valley. Alternatively, you could trek into the Himalayas and one of our travel experts will be happy to guide you here on your Bhutan vacation. You can spend countless days trekking here and some will travel to this country particularly for this adventure. If you have limited time, there are also day hikes that prove to be very popular.

Choose One of Our Pre-Planned Bhutan Luxury Tour & Vacation Packages

You may want to plan everything about your Bhutan private tour down to the last detail including every activity and experience. Here at Exotic Voyages we certainly cater to that possibility. Alternatively, you could be more interested in enjoying a package that we already have available. We have Bhutan vacation packages for every type of traveler. Whether you want a chance to relax, explore or journey, shop or journey deep into the Himalayas, we can provide the perfect option for you.

Some of our most popular Bhutan holidays include:

If you are eager to journey to the past on your trip to this incredible country and discover temples that have stood on this earth for thousands of years we recommend, ‘The Spirits of Bhutan’. Our tour, run by travel experts, will teach you about the philosophies and traditions of this beautiful country. We will provide you with incredible encounters with local monks who will give you a breathtaking view into their world.

Or, if you are keen to adventure on your luxury travel Bhutan vacation, you could consider ‘Essential Bhutan'. On this private tour, we will take you on hikes and treks through the wilderness while revealing the hidden secrets of the land.

Regardless of which Bhutan tour package you choose, remember that they are completely customizable. Do you want to add a trip to the temples to your relaxing retreat? You can do this with our Bhutan holiday packages. You can explore this country your way and ensure that you get the perfect vacation for you or your family.

Find Out More About Bhutan Luxury Tours & Private Vacation Packages Now

Are you ready to plan and customize the perfect Bhutan luxury tour package? Contact us now and we will help you discover all the options available and ensure that everything you want to see or experience is included in your Bhutan vacation. Regardless of whether you’re flying solo, journeying to Bhutan with your whole family or planning a romantic retreat we can help. With our luxury Bhutan tours, we really can take you beyond the typical vacation and help you discover more of this fascinating kingdom.

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